Celebrating 10 Years 2007-2017

Welcome to the home of Lainnireach Gundogs

Loved and cherished from Puppy to Vintage. Our dogs are at the very heart of our family. They are very much family members. We love our dogs to bits - even when they're being naughty! They're always out and about with us and do different doggie pursuits including obedience, field training, showing and some agility for fun. Based in Scotland, we're a small kennel and own Gordon Setters, a Working Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier. With our Gordons, we'd love to breed and raise a Scottish Dual Champion Gordon Setter. There has never been a Scottish bred Dual Champion, so it's a tall order but we are going to have a bash!

News from Lainnireach Gundogs
News 2019

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Jane and a Gordon Setter Puppy
Puppy Plans 2017

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News 2017

LAINNIREACH GUNDOGS NEWS 2017 October - BRITISH GORDON SETTER CLUB Championship Show¬† (Judges - Dr R James (dogs), C Lomas… Read More

Our team
Lainnireach Gundogs
Jane Cuthbertson

A dog lover through and through. As a child we had West Highland White Terriers but now my main passion is my Gordon Setters.

Lainnireach Gundogs
Laura Millar

From rescuing any animal including an Irish Setter as a teenager, Laura loves her dogs. Laura has become one of the best handlers in the showring.